Selling a House in Florida Fast is Easy if You Deal with Direct Buyers

Ideally, people looking to sell houses in Florida want to do so as quickly as possible. This doesn’t always happen, however, even if Florida is one of the most popular places to buy real estate in America. Think about the real estate selling process carefully. Finding the perfect Realtor for the job can take you a few weeks. Add in the time it takes to arrange open houses and negotiating with fickle buyers, and your home can be on the market for several months before you can even close a deal. Similarly, you take less profit because you still have to pay Realtor fees, closing fees, etc.


Fortunately, selling a house in Florida quickly is possible if you decide to bypass Realtors and deal directly with buyers through real estate investment companies like Solutions Home Buyers, Inc. How does dealing with a direct buyer save you time and increase the amount of money you take home? Here are three ways:

As-Is Purchases

In many cases, people looking at homes for sale in Florida want to have a house inspected before they agree to purchase it. This is a good practice for buying homes, but it can be a tedious process for those who are trying to sell a home.

When dealing with companies that directly purchase property, home inspections are usually conducted simply to gauge the value of a home instead of looking for flaws. That alone means you save valuable time. If a flaw is found, many companies are still willing to purchase a home as-is, meaning you do not have to spend time or money for any necessary repairs.

Cash Offers

More often than not, buyers have to secure a house loan from a bank before they are able to pay the agreed-upon selling price. This process takes time since the bank still has to process the loan, even more so if a buyer was not pre-approved for a loan before house hunting.

Real estate investment companies have a set budget for acquiring properties, meaning they are sure to have the money necessary to complete a sale on-hand. In fact, many companies are willing to extend cash offers for your home. In the end, this is just one of many reasons for you to embark on your house-selling journey with the help of real estate investment experts from firms like Solutions Home Buyers, Inc.

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