Florida, We Buy Your Houses! Selling Your Home to Investment Companies

When it comes to selling real estate, it’s only natural for you to think, “I want to sell my house fast in Florida”. This desire for such transactions often stem from a variety of personal and financial circumstances, including moving to another city for work-related purposes, going through a divorce, and the like.


In such circumstances, you shouldn’t be too enamored with selling your home quickly. In other words, you should also consider the amount of money the sale of your property brings in. After all, you are selling your home to help pay for your expenses, and selling your home at a loss is counterproductive to what you need to happen.

Fortunately, choosing to directly sell your home to a trusted real estate investment company, like Solutions Home Buyers, Inc., can help you achieve both a quick and profitable sale. These companies are able to provide you with the best of both worlds through the following ways:

Agents Need Not Apply

You do not require the help of an agent to sell your home to a real estate investment company. This works to your advantage because you don’t have to go through the formalities and expenses of selling a home such as listing your home and organizing open houses for potential buyers. More importantly, however, is that the absence of a real estate agent means you do not have to pay agent fees.

No Repairs Necessary

More often than not, homes have a flaw that buyers want fixed before any deal pushes through. Unfortunately, these repairs will come at your expense, eating away at your profits. Many real estate investment companies have house repairs as part of their business model. This means they are more than willing to purchase a property that is in need of repairs “as-is”. Naturally, not having to fund these repairs can save you several hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Enjoy Net Cash Offers

Many people who sell their homes deal with gross offers. Unfortunately, gross offers are still subject to numerous deductions in the form of closing costs and other expenses necessary to finalize a transaction. In other words, you are likely to bring home much less than the selling price. Real estate investment companies often extend net offers, allowing you to see exactly how much money you take home after a transaction is completed.

Finding real estate investment companies isn’t difficult, as they are more than happy to let people know that, “Hey, Florida, we buy your houses”. As such, you should focus your efforts on finding a trusted real estate investment company with a track record of excellent customer service.

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